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Cooperation between ASC and RIBA, 2015 in UK

data:2021-06-17 16:16

Both parties have reached the following understanding:
1. On the principles of mutual equality and mutual benefit, both parties agree to work together to improve mutual exchange and cooperation, and to promote the common development and prosperity.
2. Both parties should keep in contact with the departments concerned to ensure the further negotiation about mutual cooperation.
3. The arrangement set out in this memorandum is a cooperative framework. Specific projects will be further defined in formal contracts and other documents. The parties do not intend to create enforceable legal relations by this memorandum.
4. Activities during the cooperation period could include, exhibition, exchanging skills and experience on conservation of historical buildings and architectural energy-saving.
5. The parties may wish to visit each other from time to time in these circumstance. The parties will cooperate to help ensure the visit is successful.
6. This memorandum will be effective after being signed by both parties. The term of validity is three years. On the expiry of this term arrangement, it can be extended for a further period by mutual agreement.
7. This memorandum is signed on June    , in London, UK. This memorandum is written in both English and Chinese in duplicate and both copies are equally valid.


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