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Announcement of International Solicitation for Urban Design of Dayangshan Digital Economy Park (Tentatively Named) in Suzhou


Urban Planning Society of China (the undertaker) is commissioned by Suzhou National High-tech District (Huqiu) Sub-bureau of Suzhou Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and SND Group (the organizer) jointly to launch this open international solicitation activity for the Urban Design of Dayangshan Digital Economy Park (Tentatively Named) in Suzhou. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


I.Solicitation Objectives


Located in the west of Suzhou, Suzhou National High-tech District (SND) is a national high-tech industry development zone, the core area of the Southern Jiangsu Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and an important growth pole for the development of Suzhou's one body and two wings”. Under the guidance of “Rise up and step up” strategy, SND opens a new round of pioneering for new innovative-driven paths, building new functions of open platforms, new practices in laying out new spaces for urban development, and focusing on cultivating Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and other new economic innovation industries to accelerate the accumulation of talent, technology, capital, ecology and other element resources and create an innovation highland in the city.


Dayangshan Digital Economy Park of SND is located at an important position on the city’s innovation development axis. It is an important corridor for SND to guide the development of emerging industries to the west, to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries to the east, to promote the integration of new economy and traditional industries, and to promote regional collaborated development., and it is the key area of efficient and intensive urban development in SND in the future.


In order to achieve the mission of the Southern Jiangsu Independent Innovation Zone and high-quality development, and the goal of gathering digital economy and original innovation, to benchmark world-class innovation parks and new development concepts, and to follow world vision, international standards, and high-point positioning, the Urban Design of Dayangshan Digital Economy Park (Tentatively Named) in Suzhou is now held. Based on the principles of openness, justice, and fairness, we sincerely invite domestic and foreign design institutes with excellent level and rich experience to participate in this activity, and propose first-class urban design schemes to explore new regional potential, activate new element, gather new driven energy, strengthen industry orientation, focus on the new generation of information technology, and gather high-end elements such as modern industries, high-end technologies, and professionals around the industry's leading enterprises to achieve industry-city integration.


II.Solicitation Requirements


This solicitation activity is divided into two stages, namely “scheme formulating and follow-up scheme optimizing.


(Ⅰ)Scheme formulating stage


Combining the overall planning layout of SND, the importance of the location of the base, as well as the current development goals positioned as a digital economy park, to tap local characteristics, deepen industrial development positioning, study new economic industrial development strategies, and refine industrial formats. Through the guidance of urban design, to highlight and shape the urban space with distinctive digital economy industrial characteristics and highlight the image of the western area of Suzhou and the gateway of Taihu Avenue; while at the same time, to conduct scientific research, planning and design for the industrial implantation, land layout, function planning, building height, architectural form, development intensity, public space, landscape environment, transportation organization, stations and underground space, etc.


(Ⅱ) Follow-up scheme optimizing stage


The winning applicant institute shall optimize and develop the scheme according to the opinions of the jury committee and the organizer, absorb the advantages of other schemes, and form a deliverable that is consistent with reality, advanced in concept, and complete in content.


III.Design Scope


Research Scope: The functional positioning and development of the Digital Economy Park shall be connected to the upper level planning, consistent with the overall development of SND. To study how to connect and integrate the base with the planning of its surrounding areas to form a linkage. The research scope could be determined according to the needs of planning and design schemes.


Design Scope: North to Taihu Avenue, south to Majian Road, west to Tianchishan ramp, east to Tuanshan Road, with an area of about 2.34 square kilometres (Refer to Figures for details)。


IV.Application Requirements


(1) This activity opens application to domestic and foreign institutes that are legally registered and have similar design experience to this project. The domestic applicant institutes must have one of Grade-A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation or Grade-A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign applicant institutes must have one of the relevant qualifications of urban and rural planning or architecture design issued by the competent authority of the country, region, or relevant industry organizations. This project accepts application by consortium, but the consortium shall not have more than two members, and the members of the consortium are not allowed to apply separately on their own or form another consortium. If a foreign applicant institute consorts with a domestic applicant institute, qualification requirements for the domestic institute are the same as above. Applications by individuals or individual groups will not be accepted.


(2) The professionals involved in this project must be the current registered staff of the applicant institute; the chief designer must have experience in directing several similar projects and must participate in the whole process of the competition activity. The project team shall be fully equipped with all professional types of work. The professional team of the foreign applicant institute should include at least one member who is proficient in Chinese to ensure the accurate understanding of the regional background and relevant requirements.


(3) The applicant institute shall provide complete prequalification materials in accordance with the requirements of the Prequalification Document.


(4) In addition to the above terms, when the competition organizer raises reasonable requests, the applicant institute shall continue to provide supplementary certification documents that meet the corresponding requirements.


V.Fees and Payment

本次方案征集将通过资格预审评选出 3家 入围应征机构。应征机构按照《征集文件》要求递交有效应征文件后,经评审委员会评审确定方案排名,第1名为优胜方案。主办方将在方案编制阶段支付获优胜方案应征机构奖金120万元人民币(含税);分别支付第2名应征机构奖金100万元人民币(含税),第3名应征机构补偿金80万元人民币(含税)。

Three applicant institutes will be selected through the pre-qualification review. After the applicant institutes submit valid application documents in accordance with the requirements of the Solicitation Document, the jury committee will review and determine the ranking of schemes, and the first scheme will be the winning scheme. For the scheme formulating stage, the organizer will pay the winning applicant institute a bonus of RMB 1.2 million (including tax); pay the second applicant institute a bonus of RMB 1.0 million (including tax); pay the third applicant institute a compensation fee of RMB 0.8 million (including tax)。


However, the applicant institute who fail to submit application documents within the prescribed time, or whose application documents are not acceptable according to the requirements of the Solicitation Document, or whose qualifications have been revoked, will not be paid the design compensation fee.


The winning applicant institute will be responsible for the follow-up scheme optimizing stage of work; specific matters will be negotiated according to follow-up arrangements. The fee for the follow-up deepening stage will be RMB 0.8 million (including tax)。 If the two parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiations, the organizer has the right to make other choices; the bonus will still be paid according to the above regulations.




It is planned to determine the shortlisted applicant institutes in late August 2020, and organize the site survey and hold the project release conference in early September 2020. The chief designer and other team members of the applicant institutes are required to attend the conference. The design period of the scheme formulating stage is about 80 calendar days.


VII.Special Notes


Any applicant who intends to participate in this solicitation activity shall register first. After downloading the registration form (Appendix 1) and completing the registration information, the applicant shall send it to the designated email address zxb@planning.org.cn. After receiving the registration form, the undertaker will reply with the Prequalification Document by email.


Prequalification documents shall be made in strict accordance with relevant requirements, and can be submitted by on-site submission or express delivery. Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic, if submit by express delivery, please reserve enough time for the express transportation.


Submission time and place for the prequalification documents: The applicant institutes should submit the printed prequalification documents to the designated address before 16:00 on August 17, 2020, and send all electronic prequalification documents to the designated email address (zxb@planning.org.cn)。 The submission address for the printed documents is as follows: Urban Planning Society of China, North Annex Building of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, No.9 Sanlihe Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China, Miss Zhang (addressee), 010-58323854. The time for submission is 09:00-16:00 on working days. Prequalification documents that are overdue or do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.

资格预审结果公布:在报名结束后 30个 日历天内公布入围应征机构评选结果。

Announcement of prequalification result: The selecting result of shortlisted applicant institutes will be announced within 30 calendar days after the application is completed.




Contact: Miss Zhang 010-58323854, Miss Lei 010-58323868

Telephone consultation time: 09:00-11:00 am, 14:00-16:00 pm on working days

Email: zxb@planning.org.cn


VIII.Announcement Platforms


This announcement is issued simultaneously on the Website of Urban Planning Society of China (www.planning.org.cn) and Website of SND Management Committee (www.snd.gov.cn)。 The amendments and supplements to this announcement are subject to the contents published on the above websites. If there is any inconsistency between Chinese and English in this announcement, the content in Chinese shall prevail.


August 3, 2020


Figure 1. Location Diagram of SND


Figure 2. Location Diagram of the Project


Figure 3. Diagram of Design Scope