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Tender Announcement on International Consulting for Conceptual Planning and Urban Design of the Core Area of Liangxi Science and Technology City in Wuxi


Beijing Jianzhida Engineering Management Co., Ltd. is commissioned by Wuxi Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (name of the procuring entity, hereinafter referred to as the “procuring entity”) to carry out an open tender for International Consulting for Conceptual Planning and Urban Design of the Core Area of Liangxi Science and Technology City in Wuxi (name of the project, hereinafter referred to as “this project”). The organization service of this project is provided by Urban Planning Society of China. Suppliers that meet the relevant requirements are welcomed to participate in the bidding. Potential bidding suppliers participating in this project should obtain the Tender Document on the 3rd floor of Building 21, Jiaoda Creative Park, 59 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, potential bidding suppliers of this project can also obtain the Tender Document online, and submit the response documents before 09:30 (Beijing time) on April 24, 2021.


Ⅰ. Basic Information of the Project








1. Project number: BJJZDCG2021-05

2. Project name: International Consulting for Conceptual Planning and Urban Design of the Core Area of Liangxi Science and Technology City in Wuxi

3. Procurement method: Open bidding

4. Budget amount: RMB 12 million

5. The highest price limit: RMB 12 million

6. Term of the project: as required in the procuring entity's schedule (the expected period will be one year)

Note: This project is for small and medium-sized enterprises (non-specialized), and the target industry of this project is “Other industries not listed”.


Ⅱ. Brief Introduction of the Project

2.1 项目背景

2.1 Project Background


Liangxi Science and Technology City is located at the intersection of Liangxi District, Xishan District and Huishan District in Wuxi, close to the north of the core area of Liangxi’s old town, north to the sub-centre of Huishan New City in Xicheng Cooperative Development Zone, and east to the west part of Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xidong New City; it is located in the middle of the Taihu-Yangtze Development Axis in Wuxi, with a superior regional transport location, and it is the gateway area to the north of Wuxi. In history, it was the most economically vigorous area with the most developed transport; it is also a key node area for strengthening the Taihu-Yangtze Development Axis. The core area of Liangxi Science and Technology City includes Tongjiang Avenue; it heads north to the Wuxi hub crossing, and south to the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Central Station; it is the gateway and window area for the city's external connections.


Liangxi District is rich in historical and cultural relics, with a high degree of urbanization and high population density; it is the old city area and traditional city centre of Wuxi. At present, the industrial parks, key districts and building economy in the district have bottlenecks such as aging structure, low efficiency, insufficient cluster development and shortage of land resources, and are facing the risk of “industry hollowing-out”. With the in-depth advancement of historical and cultural protection, the access to industries and projects in the old town will be stricter. Under the background of Wuxi's industry-strengthening the city and innovation-driven strategy, Liangxi District urgently needs to eliminate outdated production capacity and find new space for industrial development to carry strategic emerging industries, and take it as a new growth point to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the current situation of Wuxi's north urban area is relatively fragmented, with relatively mixed functions, poor style and image, and lack of a unified and clear functional positioning and industrial development direction. Therefore, we sincerely invite excellent domestic and foreign design institutions with rich experience to participate in this project, to plan the industrial functions and spatial layout of Liangxi Science and Technology City as a whole with advanced planning and design concepts and development strategies.

2.2 规划要求

2.2 Planning Requirements


In the new round of planning and development of Liangxi Science and Technology City, it should thoroughly implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and the new concept of “Innovative, Coordinated, Green, Open and Shared Development”, and actively integrate into the national strategy of Yangtze River Delta Integration, solidly promote Wuxi's core strategy of innovation-driven development and the leading strategy of industry-strengthening the city, highlight its role in integrated development in the administrative area and coordinated development cross regions, and continuously enhance the core service functions of the old town. At the same time, it should give full play to the comprehensive advantages of high-quality public facilities, transport hub and gateway, business and cultural heritage and urban industrial agglomeration in the urban area; centring on industrial transformation and upgrading and spatial quality improvement, to further shape a high-quality human settlement environment, strengthen inventory land consolidation, and optimize road traffic organization; to gather innovative resources, attract high-tech talents, build a “new economy” industrial structure that matches the modern urban area, optimize the spatial layout of the city's innovative industries, build Liangxi Science and Technology City into the northern central area of the revitalization of the old town, a high-end service area of innovative economy, and a quality benchmark area of city gateway.

2.3 规划目标

2.3 Planning Objectives


To thoroughly implement the “Recommendations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China for Formulating the 14th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development and Long-Range Objectives through the Year 2035”, to build Liangxi Science and Technology City into a national model for urban renewal under the background of high-quality development, a pioneer in the reform of the operation mode of innovative city construction, and a model of the era for new urbanization construction, and build Liangxi Science and Technology City into a green development ecological city, a smart city of technology and humanities, an innovative city of industry-city integration and a people-oriented happy city.

2.4 采购内容

2.4 Content of the Procurement


In this bidding, the procuring entity will select three bid-winning suppliers (listed in no particular order) through open bidding to participate in the follow-up consulting activities and submit the design scheme.


2.4.1 Scope of the Project


The planning scope of this project is divided into three levels, namely the conceptual planning of Liangxi Science and Technology City, the conceptual urban design of the core area, and the detailed urban design of the start-up area. (See attached figures for details)


(Ⅰ)Scope of Conceptual Planning


It extends to Wuxi-Yixing Expressway to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway in the north, Wuxi-Jiangyin Canal and Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the west, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway and the ancient canal around the city in the south, and Guangrui Road and Jiuli River in the east, with a total area of about 40 square kilometres.


(Ⅱ)Scope of Urban Design


(1) Conceptual Urban Design of the Core Area


The core area extends to Beihuan Road in the north, Fengxiang Road in the west, Jianghai Road in the south and Xisha Road in the east, with a total area of about 10 square kilometres. In order to highlight the importance of Tongjiang Avenue as the gateway, on the basis of the above key research scope, to include the area 100 meters outside the red line of of Tongjiang Avenue on both sides into the key design scope, to carry out the conceptual urban design.


(2) Detailed Urban Design of the Start-up Area


According to the preliminary research, to select an area of 1 to 2 square kilometres within the core area as the start-up area to carry out detailed urban design.


2.4.2 Main Contents


This project is divided into the scheme formulation stage and the follow-up scheme optimization stage. The scheme formulation stage includes three levels of work, namely the conceptual planning of Liangxi Science and Technology City, the conceptual urban design of the core area, and the detailed urban design of the start-up area. The scheme preparation requirements are as follows:


(Ⅰ)Scheme Formulation Stage


(1) Requirements for Conceptual Planning





From the strategic level, to clarify the development goals, development positioning and industry-city integration strategies of Liangxi Science and Technology City, optimize the land-use structure, refer to the advanced experience of international and domestic science cities, and propose a reasonable plan of land-use proportion and corresponding construction scales.

To propose a scientific and reasonable spatial structure to form a urban spatial pattern with comprehensive functions and that is water-green blended; to explore the high-quality development and construction model of “innovative technology + ecological green”, promote the renewal of the old town, and propose planning strategies and innovative paths for the revitalization and utilization of inefficient and inventory industrial land.

To propose strategies to improve the spatial image, landscape style, urban colour, and block quality of Liangxi Science and Technology City, strengthen historical and cultural protection, and shape urban style and features; to build a sponge city and a resilient city.

To sort out the ecological space and public space system, optimize the organization of road traffic, improve the supporting public facilities, create a green, smart and resilient city, and put forward planning implementation strategies and development guidelines for key areas.


(2) Requirements for Conceptual Urban Design of the Core Area




Combining the conceptual planning of Liangxi Science and Technology City, to deepen and refine the specific functional layout of the core area, and build the core area into the core of ecological and green development, technological and smart development, and innovative services to lead the development of Liangxi Science and Technology City, and reflect the image of a city’s gateway and a future science and technology city. To determine the start-up area of Liangxi Science and Technology City with an area of 1 to 2 square kilometres, and propose a plan of the development intensity, development capacity and building function ratio for the start-up area.

To scientifically and reasonably determine the development scale of the core area and the zones of different densities and heights. To optimize the transport structure in the core area, rationally organize passenger and freight transportation, and build an efficient and convenient road network structure. To pay attention to public transport planning and improve slow traffic in the core area. To construct a continuous public open space system, study the pleasant scale for street space, formulate design standards for future urban streets in the core area, and improve the spatial quality of the core area.

To make overall considerations for the comprehensive utilization of underground space, emphasizing unified planning, unified development, hierarchical utilization, and interconnection of both ground and underground spaces.


(3) Requirements for Detailed Urban Design of the Start-up Area






To refine the spatial form planning, and put forward control and guidance requirements for the layout axis, interface, and signs of high-rise buildings that need to be controlled in urban design.

To refine building control requirements, put forward control requirements for building group combination pattern, building height, architectural style, building colour, etc., strengthen the research on the layout of landmark buildings, and put forward control requirements for urban skylines.

To optimize road traffic organization, explore efficient, convenient and pleasant road network design, and put forward optimization suggestions on the road network structure, road network density, branch road network system layout, and cross-section design within the start area.

To sort out the public open space, organize a comfortable, safe and distinctive open space system according to people's activity needs and landscape shaping requirements; to put forward control and guidance requirements for the function, scale, accessibility and landscape interface of the open space.

To put forward planning implementation suggestions, put forward planning implementation timing in combination with the design scheme, sort out renewal blocks and development blocks, estimate economic benefits and costs, and provide reference for development and construction.


(Ⅱ)Follow-up Scheme Optimization Stage


Suppliers responsible for the follow-up scheme optimization stage shall optimize and develop the scheme according to the opinions of the jury committee and the procuring entity, absorb the advantages of other schemes, and form deliverables of this project that are consistent with reality, advanced in concept, and complete in content. Including design deliverables and presentation deliverables.


2.4.3 Schedule


It is planned to hold the project release conference and organize the site survey in Wuxi before the end of April 2021; the chief designer and other team members of the supplier are required to attend the conference. The planning and design formulation period is about 90 calendar days from the project release conference.


2.4.4 Fees


Three suppliers will be selected through the bidding and will be listed in no particular order. After the suppliers submit valid application documents, the jury committee will review and determine the winning schemes. The winning supplier will be paid a bonus of RMB 4.0 million; the other suppliers will be paid a compensation fee of RMB 2.5 million each. The winning supplier will be given priority to work in the follow-up scheme optimization stage with a fee of RMB 3.0 million. The above fees include taxes.


2.4.5 Language



The language used in this bidding is Chinese.

The language used in this project is Chinese and English. In case of any discrepancy between Chinese and English, the Chinese version shall prevail.


Ⅲ. Qualification Requirements of the Bidding Supplier

3.1 满足《中华人民共和国政府采购法》第二十二条规定:

3.1 Must meet the requirements of Article 22 of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China:







3.1.1 Have the ability to independently assume civil liability;

3.1.2 Have a good business reputation and a sound financial and accounting system;

3.1.3 Have the equipment and professional technical capabilities necessary to perform the contract;

3.1.4 Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds in accordance with the law;

3.1.5 In the three years before participating in government procurement activities, there is no record of major violations of laws in business activities;

3.1.6 Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

3.2 落实政府采购政策需满足的资格要求:

3.2 Must implement the qualification requirements provided by the government procurement policies:




3.2.1 A 10% deduction is given to the price of small and micro enterprises, and the deducted price is used to participate in the review. Small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the bidding shall provide the “Declaration Letter of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise” in accordance with the “Administrative Measures for the Promotion of the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by Government Procurement” (Caiku [2020] No.46). (For details of the small and medium-sized enterprises classification standards, please refer to the “Notice on Issuing the Provisions on the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Classification Standards”, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [2011] No.300)

3.2.2 Prison enterprises are regarded as small and micro enterprises, and a 10% deduction is given to their prices, and the deducted prices are used to participate in the review. Prison enterprises participating in the bidding shall provide a copy of the proof of prison enterprise issued by the Prison Administration at or above the provincial level, Drug Rehabilitation Administration (including Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) in accordance with the “Notice on Issues Concerning Government Procurement Support for the Development of Prison Enterprises” (Caiku [2014] No. 68).

3.2.3 Welfare units for the disabled are regarded as small and micro enterprises, and a 10% deduction is given to their prices, and the deducted prices are used to participate in the review. Welfare units for the disabled participating in the bidding shall provide “Declaration Letter of Welfare Units for the Disabled” in accordance with the “Notice by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Civil Affairs, and China Disabled Persons' Federation on Government Procurement Policy for Promoting Employment of Disabled Persons” (Caiku [2017] No. 141). However, welfare units for the disabled themselves are small and micro-enterprises do not enjoy the preferential policies repeatedly.

3.3 符合本项目的特定资格要求:

3.3 Must meet the specific qualification requirements of this project:





3.3.1 The bidding supplier shall be an enterprise or other organization with independent legal personality;

3.3.2 Domestic bidding suppliers must have Grade A qualification of urban and rural planning formulation or Grade A qualification of architecture and construction engineering; foreign bidding suppliers (including from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) must participate in this bidding through branches established in the People’s Republic of China, and must have one of the relevant qualifications of urban and rural planning, or architecture design issued by the competent authority or relevant industry organizations of their home country or region;

3.3.3 In order to ensure that the project participants have an accurate understanding of the background and related requirements in China, there should be at least one person who is proficient in Chinese in the foreign bidding supplier's team;

3.3.4 The bidding supplier must promise that the chief designer to be appointed will be responsible for the whole process of the project, and the chief designer shall not be replaced without the permission of the purchaser (provide a letter of commitment).

3.4 本项目接受联合体投标。如为联合体投标,还应满足下列要求:

3.4 This project accepts bidding by consortium. If bidding as a consortium, the following requirements should also be met:





3.4.1 If all consortium members are domestic bidding suppliers, all members of the consortium must meet the relevant qualification requirements;

3.4.2 If the domestic branch of foreign bidding suppliers and the domestic bidding suppliers form a consortium, their respective qualification requirements are the same as in 3.3.2;

3.4.3 The members of the consortium shall jointly sign a consortium bidding agreement; the lead institution of the consortium must be specified in the agreement, and the consortium shall not have more than three members;

3.4.4 Members of the consortium are not allowed to participate in this bidding separately on their own or form another consortium.

3.5 投标供应商未被列入“信用中国”网站(www.creditchina.gov.cn)记录失信被执行人或重大税收违法案件当事人名单或政府采购严重违法失信行为记录名单。同时,不处于中国政府采购网(www.ccgp.gov.cn)“政府采购严重违法失信行为信息记录”中的禁止参加政府采购活动期间;信用记录查询渠道:通过“信用中国”网站(www.creditchina.gov.cn)、中国政府采购网(www.ccgp.gov.cn)。

3.5 The bidding supplier should not be included in the “Credit China” website (www.creditchina.gov.cn) in the recording lists of untrustworthy persons or parties to major tax violations or serious government procurement violations and untrustworthy. At the same time, it should not be in the period of prohibition from participating in government procurement activities in the “Information Records of Serious Illegal and Untrustworthy Behaviours in Government Procurement” on the China Government Procurement Website (www.ccgp.gov.cn); credit record searching method: through the “Credit China” website (www. creditchina.gov.cn), China Government Procurement Website (www.ccgp.gov.cn).


Ⅳ. Obtaining the Tender Document







1. Time: From March 31, 2021 to April 10, 2021, 09:00 to 11:30 in the morning and 13:00 to 17:00 in the afternoon (Beijing time, except statutory holidays).

2. Address: 3rd Floor, Building 21, Jiaoda Creative Park, 59 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City.

3. Method: In electronic document. Potential bidding suppliers are requested to bring the needed materials in electronic format when obtaining the Tender Document.

4. Needed materials: (1) The original authorized letter of attorney signed by legal representative (attached with the authorized representative’s ID card, contact number, and email address); (2) A copy of the business license, tax registration certificate, and organization code certificate (bidding suppliers with three-in-one certificate only needs to provide a copy of the business license) with the official seal; (3) If bidding as a consortium, the consortium bidding agreement should be signed (see appendix 4), and members of the consortium should designate a lead institution to handle the procedures for acquiring relevant documents. If the above materials are changed, the materials must be re-submitted to the procuring agency's email.

5. Price: RMB 800/set, non-refundable after sale.

6. Others: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, potential bidding suppliers can obtain the Tender Document from the procuring agency online. If obtain online, see the following steps: (1) Please send a scanned copy of the needed materials to the procuring agency by email: bjjzdwx@163.com; (2) The procuring agency will reply with the payment account and “Information Registration Form” by email; (3) Bidding suppliers pay the document fee. After the purchase procedure is completed, the procuring agency will send the Tender Document by email.


Ⅴ. Deadline for Submission of the Response Documents, Time and Place of Bid Opening





1. Deadline for submission of the response documents: 08:30-09:30, April 24, 2021 (Beijing time)

2. Place of bidding: Bid Opening Room, 2nd Floor, No. 21, Jiaoda Creative Park, 59 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City

3. Time of bid opening: 09:30 on April 24, 2021

4. Place of bid opening: Bid Opening Room, 2nd Floor, No. 21, Jiaoda Creative Park, 59 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City


Ⅵ. Announcement Time


Five working days from the date of this announcement.


Ⅶ. Other Matters






1. If suppliers participating in the government procurement activity believes that their rights and interests have been harmed, they can challenge the procuring entity or the procuring agency in written form within the statutory time limit. If the query supplier is not satisfied with the replies of the procuring entity or the procuring agency or the procuring entity or the procuring agency fails to response within the specified time, it can complain to the government procurement supervision and management department at the same level within the legal time limit.

2. According to the relevant requirements for government procurement activities during the pandemic prevention and control period: the number of persons appointed by each bidding supplier shall not exceed two, and those who enter the bidding site must wear a mask and show the “Jiangsu Health Code”. If the verification result of “Jiangsu Health Code” is red or whose body temperature is over 37.3℃, the person will be strictly forbidden to enter the site.

3. In the three years prior to participating in government procurement activities, without major violation records in business activities - “major violation records” refer to the supplier or its consortium members being criminally punished or ordered to suspend production and business operations, or their permits or licenses being revoked, or being administratively punished with heavy fines due to illegal operations.

4. Suppliers who are interested in participating in this bidding are requested to register in the Wuxi Government Procurement Supplier Database. For details of the operation process, please refer to the “CA and Electronic Signature Handling Guide for Full-process Electronic Procurement Supplier”, website: http://xzfw.wuxi.gov.cn/doc/2020/07/01/2962668.shtml.

5. This announcement is issued simultaneously on the Wuxi Government Procurement Website (http://cz.wuxi.gov.cn/ztzl/zfcg/index.shtml) and the Jiangsu Government Procurement Website (http://www.ccgp-jiangsu.gov.cn/), China Government Procurement Website (http://www.ccgp.gov.cn/), Website of Urban Planning Society of China (www.planning.org.cn), and Website of Wuxi Natural Resources and Planning Bureau (http://zrzy.wuxi .gov.cn/). The amendments and supplements to this announcement are subject to the contents published on the above websites. If there is any inconsistency between Chinese and English in this announcement, the content in Chinese shall prevail.


Ⅷ. Contact Information


1. Procuring Entity




Name: Wuxi Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

Address: 4th Floor, Building 10, Civic Centre, 199 Guanshan Road, Wuxi City

Contact: 0510-81823677


2. Procuring Agency





Name: Beijing Jianzhida Engineering Management Co., Ltd.

Address: 3rd Floor, Building 21, Jiaoda Creative Park, 59 Xiuxi Road, Binhu District, Wuxi City

Contact: 0510-85013684

E-mail: bjjzdwx@163.com


3. Project Contact



Contact Person: LI Xiaoming, YANG Yading, ZHAO Li

Telephone: 0510-85013684




1. Location diagram of the base in the administrative area of Wuxi


2. Location diagram of the base in the urban area of Wuxi


3. Diagram of the planning scope

4.联合投标协议 .docx

4.Consortium Bidding Agreement